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Our Story

Our company was founded in 1972 by our parents Lawrence and Marsha Budnick with a single plastic injection molding machine and a vision to manufacture products with integrity and solid engineering. We have since grown from manufacturing products for the automotive, appliance, and medical industries to our very own line of household products that the entire family had a hand at bringing to life! To this day we are family owned and managed, and we continue our commitment to bringing you well-designed, timeless, locally manufactured products from right here in Southington Connecticut.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as

we enjoyed making them!

-Kim & Chris

Owners and brother & sister

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Our Products

Our products are made out of an innovative material called wood-plastic composite, or WPC.  The material combines 70% food-safe polypropylene plastic with 30% organic materials such as flax, rice hulls or coconut shells- and in our case recycled maple wood- to create a product that is more substantial and durable than average plastic. We design our bowls with a timeless old-school wooden style. Our products are made to feel like they were carved from master wood-workers, and are produced using state of the art manufacturing processes and materials, locally in Southington Connecticut! We offer 15 colors that are molded in and never painted on, so there’s no flaking or chipping. Our products are always free of BPAs and phalates, lead or any other heavy metals.

Color Options

We offer 15 colors in seasonal and custom arrays that are available for our bowl packs and sets, and displays.

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